Foreign Passports

If you are a foreign national and need to renew your foreign passport in India, Sangha Flight Centre is the right agency. Besides Indian passports, we handle renewal of passports of foreign countries. Renew your passports instantly with lowest consultancy fees. We carry your passport to the precise agency. Reduce your waiting time for passports of UK, US, Australia, Canada, and other countries. Our trained staff will get you your passport renewal in minimal time. We are a leading visa and passport agents in Jalandhar. Our services have benefited hundreds of our clients who are foreign nationals. Apply for a fresh passport or for an extension with help of reputed passport and visa agency in Jalandhar.

Foreign Passport Renewal

If you are a foreign national and staying in India for a longer period, you can renew your expiring passports. We handle the renewal of passports by submitting necessary documents to the respective high commissions or embassies. While you apply in India for renewal of your passports, there are possibilities of delay. But, our experience of handling foreign passport will make it quicker for you. No need to delay or reschedule your travel plans due to your expired passports. Renew your US passport, UK passport, or Canadian one. We will efficiently extend the validity of your passports.

As a reliable passport and travel visa agency, we are catering to the travel document need of foreign nationals.

Foreign National Passport Application

Sangha Flight Centre is a skilled passport agency for Indian as well foreign national passports. We provide you with a clear list of documents to fulfil your passport order. Get all the assistance for the processing fees and application formalities. All our services take care of your time limits and urgencies. We also provide you processing of your documents and any additional information and tips. We assure you of fastest processing of your passport application in Jalandhar.

Fresh Passport Application for Children Born in India

Apply for a fresh passport for your children born in India when you are a foreign passport holder. Application for foreign passports will be submitted to the appropriate offices of the embassy. Your application for a passport will be processed either for a regular 10-year validity or a short validity depending on the country-specific rules. Submission and presentation of the right documents will save your time and give you passports in minimum time. Our immigration, visa and passport consultancy in Jalandhar has made passport issue simpler for hundreds of foreign parents.

You can also apply for an emergency travel document in some cases if your passport is expired or stolen or damaged. We are an established visa and passport agency in Jalandhar incessantly to get new passports in time to make your life easier. Be it a British passport or an Australian or US passport. We are at your service while you are in India.

Getting passport is easier now than before and we help you to benefit from the facilities related to passports. Lots of procedures are available online for Indian and foreign passports. We are aware of the offices and procedures of different foreign embassies. Whenever you need an assistance for foreign passport in Jalandhar, do call us or contact us. Get assistance for any process and formality related to foreign travel and passport.