OCI Card Assistance

Sangha Flight Centre is a prominent immigration agent in Jalandhar offering complete services related to OCI. The Overseas Citizenship of India allows multiple entries to India. It allows the holder to visit and stay in India for unlimited time. We offer services related to PIO card, OCI card, OCI registration, and application. The facility was launched in 2005 as a lifelong visa for multiple entries to India. We offer consultancy for online OCI card application. Our immigration office in Jalandhar offers OCI assistance for USA and Non USA passport holders.

OCI Card Application

If you or your children are eligible for OCI, apply for it without any hassle. We will carry out OCI card application for you. You will be informed of all the necessary documents and procedures to apply for it. You can apply for OCI card if you are a foreign national and were an Indian citizen at any time after 1950. Or you belonged to a place of India after 1947. Children and grandchildren of such foreign citizens are eligible for OCI. We are up-to-date on all the regulations regarding registration of Overseas Citizenship of India. Hence, you will get all your needs fulfilled quickly.

How to Apply for OCI

Application for OCI is to be made in Part A and Part B. Get all OCI assistance for submission of an application. If the applicant is in India, application is to be submitted to FRRO. Once you are an OCI card holder, you will need to carry a passport with U visa sticker and OCI document or card whenever you visit India. The application is partially online and needs uploading of your digital signature and photos. Our staff is trained in the complete formalities for OCI application. You can travel to India as many as times without any hassle with our OCI assistance.

OCI Card Consultant

Sangha Flight Centre offers all necessary assistance pertaining to your OCI card. Our support and services are available for all the following OCI related formalities:

• Eligibility for OCI
• Online Application Procedure
• Registration
• Fees for OCI
• OCI Card Status
• OCI in lieu of PIO card
• OCI for minor children
• New passport and OCI
• OCI visa sticker
• Documents required for OCI application (basic documents like proof of Indian origin are required for applying).

The Overseas Citizenship of India for NRIs was launched to satisfy the demand of dual citizenship of India. It gives multiple benefits to foreign nationals of Indian origin.

Advantages of OCI

Here are various benefits of holding OCI card for foreign nationals. You can enjoy these facilities if you are an OCI card holder:

1. It serves as a multi-purpose lifelong visa to visit India. You can visit India for various purposes like familial, medical, etc.
2. You can visit India for infinite times whenever you want.
3. No need to report to police authorities for longer stay in India
4. You will enjoy facilities equivalent to NRIs in financial, educational, and economic terms.

If you have any query, get assistance from our immigration consultant in Jalandhar. Our lowest consultancy fees and valuable guidance will make your OCI formalities simpler. Make your travels to India hassle-free with our consultancy for OCI card. We are also providing holiday packages, air ticket booking, and all immigration and visa services.